About Us

We’ve been a team for the last 28 years, we’re very much alike and very different at the same time. We both love discovering new things, traveling, meeting new people, making new friends, and we enjoy tasting. We love aromas and flavours of wine, of food, of wine with food. We believe in individual virtues, but we also believe in the strengths of pairing. Each can be excellent, but the team amazing.


olga antoniadoy - wine expert

Born in South Africa, Johannesburg, to Greek parents was the beginning of pairing cultures. Africa is about colour and diversity, Greece is about light and mulitplicity. I always define myself firstly as a people lover, I have practised psychiatry/analytic psychotherapy for the past 25years, I am a restless mind, creative, artistic and tireless. Anything to do with aromas and taste, I’m crazy about.

I hold a Level 3 WSET certification, I’m trained in olive oil tasting and I have attended a beginner’s course in apiculture.


Born in Athens Greece, studied mechanical engineering in Timisoara Romania, and acquired an MBA from Middlesex Business School in London.

I have worked extensively in the motor industry both at home and abroad, for Hyundai, Fiat and GM Financial. Why for the motor industry? Well, because I love cars,beautiful shapes and gorgeous engine sounds.

Also a job that involves a lot of travelling both around the country and around the world. An incredible way to meet different people, see places and taste local varieties, with the advantage of locals showing you around, which always makes a huge difference. Only locals know what shouldn’t be missed.